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What tool is this? How can I get this tool repaired? How do I use this tool? No need to worry – with the Hilti Connect App we have the solution for you!

Hilti Connect App brings hassle-free tool services to your fingertips. Download from the App Store and Google Play

Sometimes in life, the simplest things turn into the most difficult.

We have all been there. Whether it is repairing a broken washing machine, identifying your child’s jacket or checking if your bike is under warranty, sometimes things are just never easy.

Unfortunately, we can’t help you with everyday hassles in your personal life, but on the jobsite we are always looking to make your work easier. That’s why we have designed the Hilti Connect App to solve annoyances like:

  • How can I order a repair, directly on-the-job?
  • How can I find the serial number when the label is dirty or damaged?
  • How can I quickly train my team on the use of a tool?
  • How can I find out this tool’s service status?
  • How can I tell which tool this is?

All you need is your smartphone and the Hilti Connect App to quickly and easily tackle challenges like this, and much more, directly on the jobsite.

Scan. Click. Done!


Hassle-free tool services to solve headaches like:

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How can I order a repair, directly on-the-job?

You probably know the feeling. You need to get things done but – unexpectedly – the machine you need is not working. Whether it is the family washing machine or a tool on the jobsite, it’s important to get it back up and running as soon as possible. With the Hilti Connect App there is no need to look for proof of purchase, search the web for a nearby repair centre or hunt around for the phone number of a repair guy to organise a pick up. Simply scan the Near Field Communication (NFC) tag on the tool with your smartphone. You will then see a summary of the tool's key facts on-screen. From here, all it takes is one tap on the display to book a repair. If you prefer, you can call direct through the App and speak with your friendly local Customer Services team. We’ll then pick-up your tool for repair and get it back to you within no time! Scan. Click. Done!

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How can I identify a tool when the label is dirty or damaged?

Whether it’s trying to find your child’s jacket, or rummaging through a bunch of similar tools onsite, it’s not always easy to tell which is which. Throw in the dusty and muddy jobsite conditions, scratched off serial numbers or confusing engraving and the choice gets harder. With the Hilti Connect App you can easily identify your tools. Scan the NFC tag and access info such as tool type, serial number, owner’s company name, purchase date and more. Scan. Click. Done!

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How can I quickly train my team on the use of a tool?

No doubt you know the daunting feeling of doing something for the first time. Even something like building flat-pack furniture can take longer than expected and often produce less than satisfactory results. The faster you get the hang of it, the better. On the jobsite, using an unfamiliar tool can be just the same. To make things worse, maybe the operating instructions are missing or there is no-one around to train you. With the Hilti Connect App, just scan the NFC tag on the tool, and you can get instant access to helpful resources such as how-to videos, instruction manuals and more. Scan. Click. Done!

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How can I find out this tool’s service status?

That all-too-familiar feeling when you need to get something repaired but you no longer have the paperwork. Whether it is your mountain bike or your power tools, it’s sometimes helpful to know if it’s under warranty or how much a repair will cost. When it comes to your Hilti tools, you don’t need any paperwork. Simply scan the NFC tag to get access, via the Hilti Connect App, to warranty info, repair history, Fleet Management information and more. When used with our pipe pressing tools, you get pro-active, in-app alerts to let you know when your next service or maintenance is due so you can plan this in at a time that suits you. Scan. Click. Done!

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How can I tell which tool this is?

When everything looks the same, it can be hard to tell which is yours. Whether it is luggage on an airport carousel, sports bags from the same soccer team, or power tools being returned to cribs or tool hire stores, it would be really convenient to know which is which. After all, you don’t want someone else’s energy drink, underwear or power tool. With the Hilti Connect App, you can quickly and easily identify Hilti tools. Scan the NFC tag and access info such as tool type, serial number, owner’s company name, purchase date and more. Scan. Click. Done!

Extra Hilti Connect functionality for direct fastening tools

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Where is my direct fastening tool?

Misplacing a tool between a busy jobsite, warehouse or van can mean you waste a lot of time and effort searching. Not any more! With the Hilti Connect ‘Find me’ feature and a compatible direct fastening tool, you can quickly find a recently used tool within a 30 m radius. But what if the tool is out of reach? Hilti Connect will show you its ‘last scanned’ location on a map…perfect on big jobsites or for shared tools.

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What's wrong with my direct fastening tool?

We’ve all been there, struggling to work out why a tool isn’t working. It can be so frustrating and slow down or stop your work completely. By using the Hilti Connect proactive troubleshooting feature with your compatible direct fastening tools, you can diagnose the issue and get back to work in no time at all.

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How well is my direct fastening tool performing?

A typical direct fastening tool needs to be serviced every 2,500 fixings to keep it performing at its best, but how are you supposed to know how many you've done since your last service? It's hard to keep track right? Now Hilti Connect can help with live and historical usage data, telling you exactly how many fixings you've done, keeping you and your tool in top performance.

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