Construction? There’s An App For That

Aurore Le Tumelin product manager for ON!Track shares here favourite apps to see you through no matter what stage of construction design, build or management you work in.

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In the past, using a mobile to help with your work in the construction industry was probably limited to tapping in a few notes or making some basic calculations. Some lucky people even had a torch feature, but it would certainly drain your entire battery after ten minutes. Nowadays though, with the rise of the smart phone there are hundreds of good apps to make your life easier – many of them for free, too!

Here are some of my favourites that will see you through no matter what stage of construction design, build or management you work in.

apps to make your life easier

  • Plan Grid

    Preparation and Management

    Plan Grid allows you to view construction blueprints while you’re on the go and makes editing, updating and sharing updates easy. Good for keeping the whole team involved and for making changes on the go.

    Plan Grid
    Architect Formulator


    With over 400 formulas, Architect Formulator makes calculations easy. It’s not just for architects either, with handy methods for electricians, carpenters, plumbers and concrete and excavation contractors too.

    Architect Formulator


    Similar to the Architect Formulator, but aimed toward installers, BuildCalc helps you to understand what materials you will need meaning you can manage the process better.



    Need to estimate a measurement but haven’t got a laser to hand? BigBluePixel uses a picture from your smartphone to calculate the lengths, heights and widths of an area and even add captions.

    Hilti ON!Track


    Keeping on top of your tools, drill bits, health and safety certificates and everything else can be hard work. Hilti ON!Track is designed to let you manage all your assets, save money and be more productive with a simple tagging system that can be managed from your mobile.

    Hilti ON!Track

What about you, what app do you use the most?

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