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The most durable green beam lasers ont he market

How laser levels work

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Laser levels also known as Multi-Direction levels emit a highly visible laser beam, helping to your make your leveling, squaring and applications easier and faster.

Most laser levels you will see will use traditional red beam technology which can have its drawbacks. This tradditional technology can lead to accuracy problems which may result in additional re-work on site causing delays and additional costs.

Lasers work by emitting an amplified focussed beam of light from a diode. This light is collected by a series of mirrors or prisms and point it in a single direction. The result of this is a laser beam. The laser beam can be either narrow or wider. The narrower the emitted laser beam the more accurate your work will be.

In the case of a multi directional laser, an "Axicon" is used to allow the laser line to be emmitted in multiple directions at the same time. 


The accuracy problem

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Due to adverse conditions commonly encountered on construction sites such as cold, heat, humidity, vibration and drops/shocks, the materials the tool is made of (glue, metals, plastic parts etc) can change shape.

These changes in shape, can cause significant changes to the performance of the laser and can result in a loss of laser beam accuracy.

This means that whilst you may be working accurately to the laser line emitted, this line may not actually be level resulting in miss-alignment and costly re-work.


The Hilti Solution

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Hilti has invented the Metal Blade Axicon technology to to keep the axicon firmly in place– thus ensuring the stability of the laser beam accuracy over time and environmental loads.

This results in a predictable accuracy when comparing accuracy specified in the instruction manual to accuractly of the tool fresh out the box and also against the accuracy of the tool after real life testing when exposed to heat, cold, humidity and shocks.

THIS means hIlti Gream beam lasers are GREAT FOR ALL APPLICATIONS INside or outside

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one battery many tools

Keep your jobsite accurate and productive with the Hilti B12 battery