Hilti Life Hacks

Toolbox table to inserts clock, let's get creative


It’s that time of year again when the streets are full of panic buyers and everyone is trying to find the perfect gift. But, what if there was no need to go outside in the cold by conjuring up some creative Christmas gifts from the comfort of your own home? Or just to spruce up your own home?

Do you have some old toolboxes lying around? Or maybe some inserts that you no longer need?

Let’s see what we can do…

You will need:

-          An old toolbox

-          Hairpin legs (size of your choice)

-          Bolts, washers and nuts

-          Old inserts

-          Clock hands

Toolbox Coffee Table

This could be a gift or even something to jazz up your own home. Why not use an old toolbox to create a side, coffee or decorative table? You can also store magazines or bits and bobs inside the toolbox!

Watch this idea come to life with our video and simple steps…

  1. Use table legs as a template to mark where holes will need to be drilled for the fixings
  2. Carefully drill the holes using your SF 6-A22 and HSS drill bit
  3. Attach table legs using appropriate bolts, washers and nuts and tighten up from the inside
  4. Turn the table over and enjoy your freshly brewed tea, coffee or Bovril

inserts clock

Who doesn’t love a quirky clock in their kitchen and what better way to use your inserts that you no longer need?

To make this stylish wall piece, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Support a blade in a vice noting horizontal and vertical alignment of any markings on the blade
  2. Attach clock mechanism through the bore hole of the blade. Depending on the bore hole size, you may need to use a washer to support the clock mechanism. Tighten mechanism in accordance with manufacturer installation instructions
  3. Attach clock hands
  4. Mount to wall