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Widening Perspectives

international development

Following World Culture Day on the 21st May, we are continuing our blog series focussed on international career development and some of the fantastic global mobility stories hilti offers.

This time, Carl Carlander talks us through the variety of roles he has explored at Hilti and the opportunities that led him to become a Sales Director at Hilti Sweden.


where the journey began

Throughout my time at Hilti, I have held several roles in a variety of countries to say the least. I first joined Hilti back in 2012 as a Project Manager within the Corporate Development team at the Hilti Head Office in Liechtenstein. I then made a move to the UK, where I lived for two years, whilst working as a Regional Manager in the Building Construction trade.

I knew early on in life that when I started my career, my ambition was to find a company that would enable me to pursue my dream of travelling the world and develop my career in an international environment, and Hilti has allowed me to do just that and more.

The other day, it occurred to me that I’ve now spent more than half of my professional career in roles outside of Sweden – I wouldn’t change any of it.

Personally, I decided to make the move abroad twice with Hilti, because of the exciting roles that were available at the time and the great teams that I could work with. In all the roles I’ve held at Hilti, I really feel that I was able to have an impact as each job and country developed me in a different way.

Making the move

For me, the biggest consideration when making an international move was always going to be my family. However, the fact that Hilti offered fantastic support in terms of relocation and integration meant that our concerns were eased and each of the moves has been smooth sailing. Spending time in foreign cultures has not only widened my perspective of the industry I work in but it has also given me a better understanding of those around me.

For anyone considering a career abroad, I would say go for it.