Cordless technology

It's more than a revolution, it's a way of life

Cordless technology is constantly evolving and it’s now more than a revolution, it’s a way of life.

We’ve examined the evolution of batteries, so now we think it’s essential to de-mystify the voltage and amp hours, which meansto help you can select the right batteries to fitting to your tool park.

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De-mystifying voltage and amp hours

Nowadays, the cordless market offers a wide range of tools from screw drivers, saws, grinders, combi hammers, vacuum cleaners and much more. To match the varying demands of different tools, they are offered on a variety of battery platforms which is defined by the voltage, for example 12V, 22V orand 36V, and the amp-hour (Ah) hour capacity. for example, 2.6Ah, 5.2Ah orand 8.0Ah.

But what do all these numbers mean and how can you tell what’s the power capacity of a battery actually is?

Power capacity is how much energy is stored in the battery. This power is often expressed in Watt-hours (Wh). A Watt-hour is the voltage (V) that the battery provides multiplied by how much current (Ah) the battery can provide for some amount of time (generally in hours). 

battery power capacity

Battery Wh Calculator

Time for a metaphor. Comparing different voltages is almost like comparing the engines of two cars: a 1.6 litre car is likely to be more powerful than a 1.2 litre. And it’s the same with batteries - the higher the voltage, the higher the power and performance.

Continuing with the car engine analogy, when it comes to amp-hours, (usually the smaller number on the battery e.g. 2.6Ah, 5.2Ah and 8.0Ah) this can be thought of as the size of your fuel tank. The more fuel you can store, the more miles you can do with one full tank. Or in construction terms, the more holes you can drill or cuts you can make.

So, you’d think comparing those numbers like for like would give you a good way to compare the performance of different batteries on the market. Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple but there's a quick and easy calculation you can do to better compare different batteries. As mentioned, the universal way to independently compare battery performance is to multiply the voltage by the amp hours to give you the total capacity of the battery. Often this value is also written on the label of the batteries and named Wh (Watts per Hour) for example:

battery calculator

As you can see, the voltages are different in all those batteries, but some of them appear to have less energy than others. And it's the capacity which determines how many holes you’ll be able to drill with one charge.

How to choose the right battery pack for your tools?

After understanding the power capacity and battery safety, next is the application, as some are more demanding than others, so it really depends on your needs.

Considering all three factors, This should then give you the information you need to select the right cordless systems for you; whether its weight that’s important to you, or reach. The good news is, Hilti has a range of tools and batteries to match your applications with innovative technology behind our cordless tools giving you the best performance, reliability and is focusing on Health and Safety. 

Our Make It Fit Configurator helps you choose and compare tools, batteries and inserts from our extensive cordless range providing a tailormade tool park for your specific needs. We know your time is precious, so this option ensures you can assemble the kit you need, including the right amount number of batteries, in no time and order it directly online, literally making it fit to your requirements. 

What about the 22V battery packs?

The 22 V battery works with all new and previous generations of Hilti cordless tools, providing a seamless transition for existing Hilti cordless tool customers. We want to make your life easier, not harder and this universal battery that doesn’t compromise on power and reach, is the best of both worlds.

We can’t talk about 22V battery packs without mentioning our new B22 8.0 ultimate battery. This battery provides much more runtime and additional power for demanding and serial applications than the B22 5.2 for all Hilti 22V tools. To put to it in simpler terms: you’ll get much more out of your cordless saw, drill and driver – increasing productivity and reducing downtime.

We also offer free replacements up to a 2-year repair warranty period commonly known as ‘no cost period’ where they’ll collect, repair and return the tools usually within 3 days, including for ‘wear and tear’. Batteries can be seen as a great expense, but this warranty ensures your battery pack is top notch at all times!

Check out our range of Hilti batteries or start creating your tool park now...