Hilti lasers ensuring accuracy in construction

Hilti multi line laser

Last year we launched our age defying PM 40-MG Multi-line green laser, however, at Hilti we’re always innovating and because of this, there’s a new addition to the family – the PM 30-MG. But, what’s so special about this laser? What can it do?

Before we delve into our latest laser innovation, let’s talk about why accuracy is so critical in construction and the reason lasers exist in the first place. 

Why is accuracy important in construction?

pm 30 mg laser

To ensure long lasting and high quality constructed buildings, the construction industry has adopted laser technology, as not only does it expedite traditional manual processes but it also reduces the frequency of human errors. Due to the reduction in errors, there has been a radical decrease in catastrophic events caused by construction failure.

Therefore, whether it’s an interior, exterior or dual grade laser, accuracy should never be compromised and our new PM 30-MG has accuracy top of mindensures accuracy, no matter the jobsite conditions. 

What are the PM 30-MG benefits and features?

Whether you’re working on squaring of drywall tracks, installing suspended ceilings or aligningment of doors and windows, this laser is the perfect companion. Here’s why…

Eccentric design
The laser has an eccentric design to position the vertical laser on the side of the tool. The PM 30-MG allows you to keep a static reference point when using fine adjustment, with the addition of patented technology in the base, meaning there’s no need to move the laser.

Green beam
Did you know the human eye sees green better than any other colour? This means any interior work within a 20-metre range is quick and painless.


Rechargeable B12 battery
The B12 battery allows up to 1.5 days of continuous layout work but charges in the as little time as it takes to have a coffee break, so it’s always ready when you need it.


Smart tool
Hilti connect enables you to use your Hilti tools effectively and get instant access to services. For example, with this feature you can keep track of your outstanding maintenance tasks to ensure your laser tool is productive.

With the construction sector witnessing rapid growth between now and 2028 due to the increasing number of infrastructure projects and large construction projects planned for both the commercial and residential sector, it’s not surprising to see the demand for lasers increase significantly. Laser levels have reduced workload, and increased the quality of the work where levelling manually didn’t always give reading accuracy.


The new PM 30-MG laser delivers confidence that reliability problems are a thing of the past, thanks to the high-end sustainable accuracy.