Top Three Things

That I Love About the Jigsaw


You asked and we listened – the missing piece of your cordless tool park  is here - the cordless Jigsaw! Not only is it the new benchmark for cutting performance, safety and precision, it will also see you through all your main cutting jobs - from building and construction to woodwork to interior finishing. Do you have some of our 22 V batteries? The cordless jigsaw will come in two versions, two is better than one - right? Whatever you fancy, either the hoop-handle (D-shape) or the barrel-grip (T-shape) we’ll have it for you and we couldn’t be more excited!

But what makes it worth the wait? Here Moritz, our Cordless Product Manager, gives us his top three features about this sought-after tool… 


1) Technology

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What’s so special about this much anticipated tool?

For starters, both tools have low vibration levels, ensuring its product safety rating and resulting in a longer operational time thanks to reduced vibration figures – a very important factor to consider when using tools frequently. 

Whether you’re looking to cut wood composites up to 150 mm, plaster-bonded fibreboard or anchor rods, the cordless jigsaw is the one for the job as its innovative versatility means it can easily create precise curved cuts and intricate shapes. 

Basically, this jigsaw is the grand master of cutting shapes in a variety of materials! (I may be a bit biased though, obviously)

But, what about battery reach we hear you say? Well…


2) 22 v battery platform

You’ll be glad to hear it’s compatible with the Hilti 22 V battery platform. These lightweight, fast-charging batteries are designed to fit both jigsaw tools with perfect balance and deliver similar performance to a corded tool - nobody wants to waste time rearranging cords , let alone have a trip hazard! 

This means you can twist and turn the jigsaw to your heart's content, cutting elaborate curves without being impeded by a dangling cord or worrying about accidentally cutting through it. In short, with this battery platform there’s no need to worry about lack of power, downtime or additional costs for repairs: we have you covered. 


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3) Control

With a barrel grip (T version) and hoop-shaped grip (D version),  both Jigsaws are easy to manoeuvre giving you total control when making those precise cuts (you know the ones), the 90-degree or bevel cuts and very narrow angles. But, let’s not forget a major advantage, you can start cutting in the middle of a material – yes, you drill a starting hole, drop the blade in and off you go!

Together with the high performance and excellent cutting results, the jigsaw’s compact size means it has a low centre of gravity and it is easy to handle in all positions.  So, you can get the job done, be comfortable and save space on your work shelf for the rest of your tools! 

Those are my favourite things about the new cordless jigsaw – why not visit your nearest Hilti Store, meet with your Hilti Account Manager or go on our website to arrange a demo and tell me yours? 


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