Battery technology

Advanced power tool batteries with new cell technology that works as hard as you do

At Hilti, we want to help you drive your business forward by helping you choose the right battery for the job.

Our range of batteries are designed with the latest in battery technology. The electronics in our tool batteries are fully sealed against moisture and dust, while a glass-fibre housing protects them four times better from impact compared to standard plastic housings. In addition, they are twice as resistant to extreme temperatures allowing you to work at ease during the cold months.

Available in 12V, 22V and 36V platforms, our batteries give you the flexibility to choose the power and reach you need to meet the demands of your job.

The next step in cell technology

New high-energy 21700 cells increase battery capacity and tool performance

We continually improve the performance of our power tool batteries, and that's why we introduced the new 12V 4.0Ah, 22V 4.0Ah and 22V 8.0Ah batteries which use larger and more efficient cell technology to increase performance and runtime.

Holding significantly more energy, they deliver more power while running cooler therefor increasing their lifetime. The result is an increase in tool performance and reduced downtime – which equals much more work-per-charge.

What are the advantages of the new cell technology?

Better performance and runtime

New cell technology increases the amount of power stored, while reducing the amount of power lost. This means your tools will run for a longer time in even the most demanding jobs.

Fewer recharges

The new Li-ion cells are larger and hold the power longer, letting you increase your work-per-charge – reducing the number of recharges and improving your productivity across the jobsite.

Longer lifetime

Delivering more power, the new cells run cooler, resulting in increased battery life. 

Helping you with your daily business

Services to keep you performing

Unforeseen or hidden factors like lost or damaged tools and repair costs can lead to serious productivity issues on the jobsite.

Like with all our tools, our Hilti batteries come with 2-years FREE of charge replacement should you see a drop in performance. Additionally, they are fully covered for "wear and tear" so you can avoid additional costs on servicing.

Want to check your battery's health status? Pop in to a Hilti Store or send it back to us and we will run the anaylsis for you,.

No need to keep the receipt or paperwork to fill in. Simply return the battery to us, and we'll check it and replace it free of charge, even if just one cell inside is not performing.


Our tool batteries are divided into three categories: Compact batteries, Power batteries and Ultimate batteries.

  • Compact batteries use our 12V and 22V platforms and are ideal for working in tight spaces where compact dimensions and low weight are priorities.
  • Power batteries uses our 22V and 36V platforms offering the perfect balance between power, size and weight for all cordless applications.
  • Ultimate batteries uses our 22V and 36V platforms and give corded performance, cordless flexibility and an extended running time for demanding applications.

So no matter the application, we have the right battery for you.

Our range of B22 batteries

Compact and lightweight battery

Compact and lightweight 22V batteries. Suitable for working in tight spaces and compatible with our 12V and 22V cordless platform.

Buy the B22/2.6 now

Power battery

High-capacity compact battery with the perfect balance of power, run time and weight. 

Buy the B22/5.2 now Buy the B22/4.0 Now View the B22/4.0 in action

Ultimate battery

Ultimate-power 22V/8.0 Ah Li-ion battery delivering extreme run time for the most demanding and serial applications such as drilling into concrete and cutting steel pipes.

Buy the B22/8.0 now View the B22/8.0 in action

Cordless Power Care

More charging cycles and consistent performance from your tool batteries

Our batteries have a very long life and thanks to Hilti Cordless Power Care (CPC) technology, they deliver the performance you want, even when in continuous use or when working at sub-zero temperatures.

With more charging cycles and consistent performance from your lithium batteries, Cordless Power Care is able to electronically control each cell during charging and during use, to always offer the best performance and keep you productive across a single battery platform. 

Cordless Power Care (CPC) Technology at a glance

Lifetime and Power

Our batteries are engineered with large cells, which gives less resistance to energy extraction and as a result, protects them from overheating.

Usability and reliability

All our batteries come with a visual indicator that allows you to immediately see the level of residual charge thanks to bright LEDs. 

Care and protect

The reinforced outer casing and the glass fiber housing make our batteries more robust and 4 times more resistant to impact than ordinary plastic batteries.