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If tools could talk

What stories would they tell?

Everyone has a favourite cordless tool thats gone above and beyond, taken you places you never expected, saved you in a scrape or taken a beating when things don't quite go to plan.

You pick them up, dust them off and they carry on like nothing has happened. The scars tell the story, but what stories are they?

Has your Hilti seen an adventure or two or do you do a job in an interesting place?

If you'd like to feature on this page why not let us know your story. You can do this by uploading a few pictures and if it takes our fancy we'll add your story to this page.


Rock Solid

mountain rescue

"As with any emergency piece of equipment, we hope that it's use is limited and our main reason for choosing Hilti and this drill was the superior batteries which need to be able to perform whenever it's called upon after many months of inactivity."

Alun Allcock
Chairman, LLMRT

Here are Hillti account managers Pete and Darren delivering a brand new TE 6-A22 kit to Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team


Stubai glacier

Here’s one of the best freeski and snowboard training camps in the world, and behind all the boards, skis and backpacks, is a Hilti cordless hammer drill and chisel hammer in the snow.

This is the Freestyle Park on the Stubai Glacier with the panorama of the Tyrolean Alps spread out in the background. But what people don’t always think about are the barrier fences that lock the freeskiers to the Prime Line, which have to be reinstalled every day. That’s where Hilti tools come in.

With a powerful hammer drill and chisel hammer and a reliable battery, you can get pretty far. But the insertion tool also has a significant part in how conveniently and quickly a hole can be drilled.

It is logical that a special drill is used on the glacier. With a chrome-plated and thus rust-free tip that is optimized for ice and scree, as well as a light helix for easy transport, the Hilti snow and scree drill was specially developed for setting goal poles in skiing.

Ice Ice Hilti

Reliability no matter the weather

In February 2020 the Ice Climbing European Cup finals are in Oulu, Finland. For the finals they need to renovate and repair the 20 meter high ice wall and the only tools they need and want are Hilti tools. "For us it's really important that the tools function and are reliable in the cold weather and they also need to be light and compact to carry with us to the heights. The tools need to be cordless tools as there are no power up in the air and especially the hammer drill drivers are great for the hard ice. We use circular saws for cutting the ply wood in a specific shape and also reciprocating saws and grinders for making all the metal, steel, wood and cables the right size and shape."

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