Equipment for professional metal grinding, finishing and polishing

Our range of cordless tools, inserts and services for metal grinding, cutting and finishing, offer you a complete solution for professional metal working applications in stainless steel, carbon, brass, copper and titanium.


We understand that the metal fabrication market is highly competitive, with high quality production and on-time delivery being the hallmarks of success. 

To help you meet this challenge, we have expanded our range of cordless power tools from systems for grinding, drilling and cutting to include solutions for finishing and polishing metal and stainless-steel surfaces.

Lightweight and highly flexible, our metal grinding and polishing tools meet the demand for greater mobility while also offering functions such as variable speed control that support high quality production. Our range of 22V powerful batteries with increased reach, coupled with the use of brushless motors results in minimum maintenance of these tools. Keep your workplace safe by eliminating trailing cables that pose tripping hazards.

The shift to cordless tools is a significant factor in answering the need for productivity gains in metal fabrication, it also allows you to put the final touches onsite with speed and ease. Complete the system with our full range of inserts so no metal finish goes unfinished.

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AG 4S-A22

Cordless angle grinder for everyday cutting and grinding with discs up to 125 mm.

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GPB 6X-A22

Cordless burnisher for grinding, polishing and finishing flat metal surfaces.

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GFB 6X-A22

Cordless band file for grinding, polishing and finishing in difficult-to-reach or tight spaces. 

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GTB 6X-A22

Cordless tube belt sander for grinding, polishing and finishing tubes or pipes. 

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The new AG 4S-A22 cordless angle grinder raises the bar for speed and handling

Whether cutting rebar, tubes or sheets, deburring, surface cleaning or removing welds, it takes a steady grip to get a good result. The slim, light and balanced AG 4S-A22 grinder is designed to sit firmly in your hand – giving you the responsive handling you need. 

Achieve the perfect metal finish

The GPB 6X-A22 cordless burnisher for finishing flat surfaces in stainless steel and other metals

The GPB 6X-A22 uses an innovative inflatable air roller system with sanding sleeves in all standard grit sizes and with non-woven sleeves for metal finishing applications.

With a 6-speed dial and best-in-class ergonomics, you have the responsive handling you need for grinding, finishing and polishing metals.

Grind, burnish and deburr tight spaces

The GFB 6X-A22 band file unlocks your potential and delivers big performance

Offering the kind of performance you would expect from a larger tool, the GFB 6X-A22 is a compact cordless band file for grinding, burnishing and deburring in tight or difficult to reach spaces.

With the choice of four tool arms, 6 step-speed control and sanding belts for finishing as well as rough and fine grinding, you'll not be disappointed by the comfortable handling, ergonomics and improved control.


Handrail and tube polishing

The GTB 6X-A22 tube belt sander has a high contact area for high-performance working

The 270-degree contact area gives a large surface coverage letting you easily work on large tubes or pipes. This provides you with fast and even abrasion to ensure high quality grinding, finishing or polishing.

The choice of sanding belts for rough and fine grinding, and non-woven belts for surface finishing on curved surfaces helps to offer the precision and fine control you need to achieve a good result.


What is the right insert for your application?

You will find that our complete range of abrasive inserts for grinding, sanding, finishing and polishing metal will allow you to complete the job quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Suitable for a broad range of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals, our inserts can be used for any grinding application – from removing welds and surface material to fine finishing and polishing.

Cordless freedom, Power and Control

Power your performance with 22V batteries and variable speed control

The perfect partner to your cordless tools, our range of 22V batteries provide enough power to keep you going through multiple applications, without wearing you out.

Integrating new cell technology with an advanced cell management system in a robust casing equals a higher power output, increasing runtime and reducing number of recharges.

Industry leading services

You can rely on us to help keep your work flowing

Unforeseen or hidden factors like lost or damaged tools and repair costs can lead to serious productivity issues on the jobsite.

Our service offerings can help you avoid these additional costs and keep you and your teams working.