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TE 70

TE 70-ATC/AVR Rotary hammer

Very powerful SDS Max (TE-Y) rotary hammer for heavy-duty concrete drilling and chiselling, with Active Torque Control (ATC) and Active Vibration Reduction (AVR).

new chisels

New Ultimate and Premium Chisels

New range of Ultimate and Premium self-sharpening YPX Chisels offer unmatched lifetime. Breaking performance has been taken to the next level through innovative waves and inductive hardening.

SF 6-A22 Cordless drill driver

HIT-HY 200-R V3 Chemical anchor

Ultimate performance hybrid injectable mortar with unique approvals for post-installed rebar connections under “Beyond Cast-In” design plus heavy-duty anchoring.

RT 6-A22 Cordless rivet tool

Core drill DD 150-U 3rd generation

Versatile diamond drilling system for wet, dry, hand-held and rig based coring, up to 162 mm. The tool has a new digital display and Bluetooth to troubleshoot, analyse drilling data and monitor the status of the water management system, when connected.

DGH 130 Diamond angle grinder

Water management system DD-WMS 100 2nd generation

A single unit for the supply of cooling water as well as the collection and filtration of waste water from diamond drilling system. When connected through Bluetooth with the new DD 150-U, it monitors and regulates the system at all time.

DGH 130 Diamond angle grinder

SPN 6-A22 Cordless nibbler

Agile and versatile cordless nibbler for freeform cuts in virtually any corrugated and trapezoidal metal sheeting, as well as C, L and U profiles up to 2.0 mm (14 Gauge) thickness.

DGH 130 Diamond angle grinder

SSH 6-A22 Cordless shear

Cordless shear for all fast, straight or curved cuts in sheet metal, spiral ductwork, strut and other everyday metal fabrication up to 2.5 mm (12 Gauge) thickness.

DGD 6-A22 Die grinder

Variable-speed cordless die grinder with high-performance brushless motor for metal fabrication and architectural metalwork.

metal inserts

New range of metal working inserts

Wide range of applications covered for both the Profile Nibbler and Shearer – from spiral ducting with the Shearer to curved cuts with the Nibbler.

SD 5000-A22 Cordless screwdriver

Drywall screwdriver with 5000 rpm for hanging drywall, wood boards and exterior sheathing.

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B22/4.0 Lightweight and powerful 22V battery

As with all our Hilti batteries, the new B22/4.0 comes with 2-yeas FREE replacement.


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