Pick up from a Post Office

No more missed deliveries. No more wasted days.

Hilti ship to pickup location service

Constantly on the go? That can make it hard to receive deliveries.
We have a solution for you: Pick up from the Post Office.

This delivery option is availbale for both orders placed via the website and orders placed vis Customer Services.

And the best bit of all, for all orders placed online, the shipping fee is €0 when picking up from the Post Office. Orders placed via Customer Services for collection from the Post Office will cost €9.90

Most of our products can be shipped to any of our 10 Hilti Stores or to one of more than 1000 locations next working day.


Place your order online or thorugh customer services


Hilti ship to pick up location map

Step 1: Order

Place your order through our online sotre and the choose the option at checked for the products to be shipped to your nearest Hilti Store or Post Office

Step 2: Confirmation

You will receive confirmation that your order has been delivered - either from the Hilti Store or the Post Office.

Step 3: Pick up

Pick up your order by using your tracking number and showing your official ID anytime the store is open.


Hilti Stores:

  • 10 Hilti Stores

Post Offices:

  • More than 1,000 Points: Post Offices and Contract Points
  • Purchase and stock orders only, serviced tools are not delivered to Post Offices
  • Parcel delivery only: Product restrictions based on dimensions and weight, e.g. channels (please ask our Customer Service Agent for more information)

Questions & Answers:

How do I track a shipment to a pickup location?
Tracking information is available in the form of standard UPS® tracking information. You can also track via “View Account History” in the homepage.

How do I know that my order has been delivered and is ready for pickup?
The “Ship-To” contact will receive tracking information from UPS® if a valid email address is on file with Hilti. Confirmation of delivery to a Hilti Store will be provided by phone.

When can I pick up my order?
Delivery takes up to three days. Business hours will be displayed at checkout during “Ship to Pickup” selection and on the final confirmation page.

Who can pick up the order?
Only the person listed as the “Ship-To” contact is authorized to pick up the order. The pickup location will require a government-issued ID.

How long will the pickup location hold the order before returning it to us?
The pickup location will hold the order for 5 calendar days. If the order is not retrieved by that time, the location will return the order to us.

Why are no pickup locations suggested for my order?
If your order exceeds the weight limit for carrier-contracted pickup locations, or if it contains restricted items, only Hilti Stores will be suggested as pickup locations.

How is this different from Click & Collect?
Click & Collect is a service that allows you to place your order online and then collect it at your local Hilti Store. Your order will be filled directly from Hilti Store stock and is therefore limited to local stock availability. 
Find out more about Click & Collect here.