Hiltin Outperformer-koulutusohjelma

Rasmus Larsen kertoo omasta kokemuksestaan Outperformerina

Hiltin Outperformer-koulutusohjelma

Rasmus Larsen - Hilti Outperformer

Hiltin Outperformer-koulutusohjelma

I joined Hilti in August 2016, after finishing my Master’s Thesis in Business Administration and Economics at Copenhagen Business School. After an internship and part of my dissertation abroad it became my goal to find a position with a global outlook.

I applied for the Outperformer Program because it was offering the global opportunities I was searching and had a clear plan to develop the skill set I would need to work in a global environment.

The Commercial Track that I am part of is divided in four rotations. You start with a year as Account Manager to understand our unique direct relationship business model and learn about the intangible parts of sales you can’t read in a textbook. Then follows 3 projects which length are between three and six months, and the intention is to develop and/or undercover your strengths and weaknesses. The overall theme is getting a commercial understanding of Hilti in different countries in different parts of the organization.

In my first rotation I moved from Copenhagen to London, to start as an account manager on the Crossrail Project. The project is not only one of the largest infrastructural projects in Europe, but in my opinion also one of the most exciting and innovating amongst them. The colleagues I worked with had been handpicked to work on our team and during the year they taught me more about sales than my 6 years in business school. During the year, my colleagues taught me that focusing on developing the best solutions, being present and easy to reach are the fundamentals of building strong sustainable customer relationships.

A month ago I joined our office in Finland for a six-month LEAN implementation project across the organization. Our goal is to increase the time our sales force spends with customers by decreasing their time spend on administration. In terms of my own learning, I am hoping to gain more experience with project management and to learn more about our departments and how they add value to our customers.

The next steps on my Outperformer Journey has yet to be decided but I am fortunate enough to be able to move more or less where the next exciting project is. I would highly recommend the program if you are pursuing a global career, is eager to learn, and could see yourself living around the world. 

Rasmus Larsen
Outperformer, Global Trainee in Northern Europe