Hilti products and technology that champion health and safety in the construction industry

Championing Health & Safety

Our products and technology are designed to enhance Health & Safety in the construction industry

Stop Principle to manage Health and Safety

For over 75 years, Hilti has been championing Health & Safety in the construction industry. 

We understand how hazardous construction sites can be, whether you’re working at height or in difficult-to-get-to corners. That's why we follow a well-defined Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) process along the development of new products. This not only keeps construction workers safer, but also improves working comfort for tradespeople and their overall productivity.

Our products are built to last and designed to withstand the harshest construction project conditions. We also heavily invest in research and development to ensure our system solutions protect the worker from common construction risks such as Silicosis from exposure to respirable silica dust and Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS). 

As well as products and technology, we also provide guidance, advice and training to help keep your construction sites safer and more productive.

When reviewing your own health and safety processes in your workplace, we recommend following the "STOP Principle", which provides practical strategies to minimise the impact of challenges such as dust, vibration, and avoid the risk of injury and accidents from cutting and kickback. Click the tabs below for more info on each topic.

Dust Removal Systems

Managing Dust Onsite

Innovative solutions to remove up to 99% respirable silica dust at source.

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Tools that reduce exposure to hand arm vibration

Hand arm vibration

Solutions to minimise and even eliminate exposure to vibration, reducing the risk of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS).

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Hilti tool safety features

Safety features

In-built technology to reduce risk of accident or injury onsite.

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Managing health and safety using the "STOP principle"

Substitution as a first step in the workflow of the "Stop principle"


Substitution is the elimination of the risk by using alternatives. By doing so the root cause of hazards can be avoided.

For example, you could consider direct fastening methods instead of drilling and fixing to virtually eliminate the risk of dust or vibration.

Technical protective measures as a second step in the workflow of the "Stop principle"


Technical measures are machinery, tools or technologies to help improve health and safety.

For example Hilti power tools, accessories and inserts (such as drill bits, discs, blades or chisels), are designed to work as harmonised systems to maximise the volume of harmful dust removed at source and collect it efficiently with high-performance vacuum cleaners.

This works in conjunction with our in-built technologies such as Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) and Active Torque Control (ATC) to minimise exposure to vibration and prevent wrist injury from kick-back.

Organizational protective measures as a third step in the workflow of the "Stop principle"


Organisational measures are made possible due to different working methods and improved work organisation.

This could be the provision of additional training on safe working practices or awareness raising activities to support employees to identify symptoms such as tingling or numbness.

Personal protective measures as a final step in the workflow of the "Stop principle"

Personal protection

Personal protective measures, which are needed where risks remain.

Dust masks, eye protection, hard hats, ear protection, disposable overalls and gloves are all essential kit, even when using virtually dust-free tools.

Need help identifying opportunities to minimise risk onsite and support with training your team on safe working practices? Why not speak to one of our expert Account Managers who offer guidance, advice and practical tool box talks on your worksite. 

Our commitment to HSE

Our Commitment

See how health, safety and the environment is embedded in our culture and purpose to build a better future.

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Increasing user health, safety and productivity.

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Learn more about Hilti as a responsible institution with regard to the environment.

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