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Whether you are a social media addict or a total technophobe, it’s undeniable that the digital age is taking over the jobsite and changing the way we do business across the construction industry.

You may be familiar with the Hilti range of Mobile Apps but what you might not know is that we're also very busy on social media.

You can find us on - Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook - so why not connect with us to keep your finger on the pulse of what's hot at Hilti and in the wider construction industry.


LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network and a great place to connect with influencers in the industry. Engage with us for company updates, construction news and thought-leadership insights.

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Like Facebook, Instagram also falls into the 'fun category' where you can expect to see arty pictures of new Hilti products and most importantly lots of #DogsOfHilti pics!

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Facebook is a more personal network, so our content is much less formal and generally entertaining - perfect if you are looking for a little comic relief from the job site!

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On YouTube it's all about video and we just love showing off our new products and services in full colour moving pictures. There's also handy how-to videos and 'behind the scenes' footage to explore.

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