Hilti PM 40-MG green beam multi-line laser for aligning, plumbing, squaring and leveling


The PM 30-MG gives you fast and precise 360° aligning, levelling and squaring

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When working on interior finishing applications, you need all the accuracy and speed you can get. The faster you can get the job done, the faster you can move on to the next one. Now, what if we told you that thanks to our new PM 30-MG line laser you can save a considerable amount of time onsite?

Here is how: The PM 30-MG is engineered with a fine adjustment dial that moves the base plate, giving you precise alignment, allowing you to work without the need to move the laser every time. With an innovative, eccentric design, three green lasers are positioned on the outer surface of the PM 30-MG to give full 360° coverage, making it easy to set out your point. 

Designed to work at distances of up to 50m with the receiver, the PM 30-MG is suitable for:

  • Setting out drywall track on floors, walls or ceilings
  • Levelling suspended ceilings
  • Transferring reference heights
  • Aligning doors and windows

Powered by our 12V Li-ion battery, you can work for up to 12 hours before the next charge.

Why not request a demo and try it out for yourself? 


Aligning drywall tracks

Eccentric design

The PM 30-MG uses an eccentric design to position the vertical laser on the side of the tool.

This allows you to place the PM 30-MG over your reference point when squaring drywall tracks and achieves a perfect 90-degree angle.

B 12/2.6 battery

Flexible mounting

Ideally suited for working at height or installing suspended ceilings, the PM 30-MG is supplied with an anti-fall cord to prevent the laser from falling. The wall mounting unit and magnetic bracket give you have a full range of mounting options.

Fine adjustment and static reference point

Fine adjustment knob

The PM 30-MG comes with a fine adjustment dial for fast and precise set-up of your drywall tracks, pipes or cables. Combined with use on a tripod or placed on the floor you have a broad range of flexibility.


Line laser with 3 360 lines
Range of green line lasers

Join the green laser family

When choosing a laser level there are many factors to consider: Are you laying decks, house foundations, installing drywalls or piping and fittings? Is the work indoors, outdoors, or maybe even a combination of both?

The answer to these questions will help you decide which is the right laser for you and we have a broad range of line, distance and rotating lasers that meet the diverse range of applications on the construction site.

The PM 30-MG joins the PM 40-MG and PM 2-LG in our range of green line lasers.