Hilti SMART monthly subscription freight service

What is Hilti SMART?

Hilti Smart monthly subscription freight service is dedicated to all our customers, who want to make buying from Hilti as simple and easy as possible. It’s a monthly fee with which you can order products as many times as you want without order specific freight charges. You can order on website or through our Customer Service even every day and still the freight charge is only a set amount per month. The freight service has two levels: Standard and Premium. 

Why choose Hilti SMART?

We heard your feedback and want to make our freight structure easy and simple. The monthly subscription freight service offers flexibility and reduces the element of surprise when it comes to freight charges. 

Who is the service for?

All Hilti customers can subscribe to the service.

For which products is Hilti Smart valid?

Hilti Smart is valid for all of our products, even logistically tricky 6M long goods.

How is the service charged?

On the 1st day of the month you will receive an invoice for the freight service of that month. 

Can you change from Standard to Premium later?

Of course! Please contact our Customer Service and they will make the change to your freight service subscription. The new freight service will be available from the start of the next month.

How long is the subscription and how can you cancel it?

It’s always a monthly contract and it is renewed every month until the contract is terminated. You can terminate the contract by contacting our Customer Service and informing them about cancelling the subscription. The contract terminates at the end of the current month. 





Hilti Smart monthly subscription freight service