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Keep track. Increase productivity. Save money.

Track and manage your assets with ON!Track

What equipment do you have? Who’s using it? Where and how long has it been there? Do your tools need maintenance or calibration? Is it time to renew employee training or certification?

Get all this critical information quickly on your mobile device or desktop with ON!Track, Hilti’s asset management system built for the construction industry.

Overcome challenges with ON!Track

With ON!Track, it’s easier than ever to manage tools, equipment, plant, asset costs, materials and workers, keeping your projects on schedule, profitable and fully compliant.

Various power tools from different manufacturers

Manage equipment

Track any asset regardless of the manufacturer and gain greater visibility and control of your tools and plant. Minimise downtime and boost productivity by ensuring you always have the right kit in the right place. Optimise utilisation, allocate responsibility and reduce loss, theft and hoarding.

Dust masks, gloves and glasses

Coordinate consumables & PPE

Maintain transparency of your stock availability and usage of consumable items, lower value commodities and safety equipment. Simple inventory checks, allocation management and reporting help you keep your business moving whilst managing costs. 

Happy, safe workers about to start the day

Protect workers

Keep track of safety and training certifications digitally. Alerts and reports help efficiently manage audits and ensure jobsites remain compliant, safe and productive. 

Worker scanning pneumatic breaker for record of servicing

Track maintenance

Store service, maintenance, calibration and certification records digitally and set proactive alerts to help you stay compliant. 

Site manager reviewing report on laptop whilst drinking coffee

Manage asset costs

Monitor your internal cost allocation and tool crib utilisation with customised reports by jobsite, project and time period.

How ON!Track works

Implementing an effective digital solution for asset management requires a combination of hardware, software and support.

Manage your tools thanks to the combination robust jobsite tested passive and active tags and labels, easy-to-use cloud based software, and our first-class services and support.

We’re always on hand to help you get the best from ON!Track, including data-driven advice on how to keep your tool park in order.


Our range of tags give your assets a unique and robust ID.

Self-adhesive tag

Adhesive tags

Self-adhesive barcode tags for identifying and tracking all types of construction equipment.

Buy AI L2 tags Buy AI L5 tags

Metal plate tags

Stainless steel tracking tags for items exposed to extremely tough environments.

Buy AI T43-P tags

Hanger tags

Durable aluminium tags with integrated metal wire for assets exposed to heavy use.

Buy AI T35-H tags

Bluetooth sensor tags

Smart tags designed for tough jobsite conditions, with an IP67 durability rating.

Buy AI T320 smart tags

Bluetooth gateway

Live inventory monitoring and unexpected asset removal alerts for un-manned storage locations.

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Cloud based software means you can access it anywhere from any device using your web browser, or dedicated app for Android/iOS mobiles.



No two construction companies are the same, so why would you settle for a one-size-fits-all asset management solution? Implementing a new asset management solution can be a major decision, which is why Hilti is here to support you throughout the entire process and beyond.

Step 1

Initial consultation and analysis

Our industry experts will help guide you through the entire process. We start by conducting a comprehensive analysis of your business processes and existing tool park.

Step 2

Tailor the system to fit your needs

We will work with you to customise ON!Track, to meet your business needs. 

Step 3

Implementation and change management

The Hilti implementation team helps you tag and register all your equipment, and delier training to ensure a successful adoption by your business as a whole. 

Step 4

Ongoing training and support

Our team is here for you remotely and in the field to continue supporting your journey with ON!Track.
With data driven insights, we can help you continuously improve productivity within your business.

Proactive tracking

Bluetooth® technology delivers continuous and reliable scanning, helping you proactively manage you tool park.

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Our Bluetooth® solution helps you do the following:

1 / Last seen at

Check where an item was last seen to avoid searching time and reduce lost or misplaced assets.

2 / Find nearby

Find items in a dense location, quickly ID missing items and prevent tools being lost or left behind.

3 / Bulk inventory check

Check inventory at the touch of a button. Save time and improve accuracy and process discipline.

4 / Smart inventory check

Live inventory checks or scheduled reports for un-manned storage locations, like warehouses and tool cribs.

5 / Unauthorised asset removal alert

Proactive in app alerts when equipment is removed unexpectedly or has not been detected by a gateway within a specified time limit

What our customers say

Explore our customer testimonial videos and blogs to see how ON!Track has helped their businesses.

1 / 8

"We can allocate PPE to operatives much faster, there’s a reduction in costs as we’re not overspending and ordering in items that we don’t need to, and it’s easier to transfer the cost and the recharge back to the sub contactor at the end of the month." - Dave Allen, Cost Manager at BMJV

2 / 8
Astley Signs

"It helps with the management of the tools to help keep track of when they next need servicing, who has what tool and to let us know when the tool needs replacing for a new model." - Will Forrester, Contracts Coordinator at Astley Signs

3 / 8
Sonic Rail Services

"It’s so simple. The interface is really good, it looks like a proper app. It’s really user friendly, you don’t have to be a genius to work out how to use it. We’ve got a better idea of where all our materials and assets are, and can also track dates to know when they need tested." - Kevin Hill, Yard Manager at Sonic Rail Services

4 / 8
Clancy Construction

"It saves us an awful lot of time of trawling through information and spreadsheets. The responsibility is designated to the person, which means that it’s always on the system and we know where everything is at all times. And if something goes missing, we know about it straight away." - Mark Clancy, Plant Manager at Clancy Construction

5 / 8
Blakeman Steel

"Our superintendent knows exactly where our equipment is, so he’s no longer having to search for it and send drivers out to jobsites and the piece of equipment not be there. It’s a very detailed app and the system itself is great. It couldn’t be easier to use." - Josh Dees, Project Manager at Blakeman Steel

6 / 8
One Source Building Services

"We decided on Hilti because of the ease of use, the barcode scanners, the ability to know that a tool is tracked out to an individual and a site at the same time. Knowing who was responsible for it and being able to sign it in and out via a tablet or phone." - Christopher Lloyd, Project Manager at One Source Building Services

7 / 8
Jones Engineering

"We can’t imagine working without Hilti ON!Track, because it makes our work flow more efficient." - Colin Salisbury, Procurement Manager at Jones Engineering

8 / 8
I P Jones

"The ON!Track system massively improved accountability. We’re not having as many mistakes in the pick lists. We’re keeping more of what we need in stock and less of what we don’t use every day, and we know what we’ve got in stores." - Chris Derbyshire, Contracts Manager at I P Jones

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