Introducing the TE 500-A36 Cordless Breaker


Our cordless demolition hammers offer high performance breaking for light to medium applications

Powered by our high-performance 36V batteries, the TE 300-A36 SDS-Plus and the TE 500-A36 SDS-Max demolition hammers give you all the breaking power you need for your light and medium-duty demolition applications.

There are lots of ways to demolish concrete, masonry or break-off tiles, from the humble sledgehammer, to more modern electronic breakers.

Whilst the latest power tool technology brings increased speed, productivity, and health and safety, it still has some challenges, such as sourcing power on site, and hazards such as trailing cables.  

Corded power with cordless mobility: The new TE 500-A36 is the first SDS-Max breaker on the market and joins our TE 300-A36 SDS-Plus cordless breaker in our portfolio to take on this challenge. Both tools are powered by our class-leading 36V batteries to deliver high-performance and high-speed breaking, with the flexibility to move quickly between jobs. No trailing cables and no more searching for power onsite. Suitable for light and medium-duty applications, both breakers can be paired with our Dust Removal Systems and Hilti vacuums for virtually dust-free breaking.

See how they compare and choose the one that suits you best.

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TE 300-A36 SDS-Plus cordless breaker

The TE 300-A36 is a lightweight breaker for chiselling work and surface finishing. It's lightweight, compact and easy to handle.

The TE 300-A36 cordless breaker is designed with:

  • A brushless motor for high performance and low maintenance
  • Advanced safety features such as Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) allowing you to work safely for longer and the option to connect a Dust Removal System (DRS-C) for virtually dust-free breaking.
  • High-capacity battery, enabling you to work up to 8 hours with one battery
  • An adjustable side handle, giving you a more secure grip in any position

The TE 300-A36 is perfect for:

  • Light chiselling and channeling in concrete
  • Removing overslaps and finishing work
  • Removing plaster, tiles and mortar
  • Chiselling channels and penetrations for pipes in walls and floors
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TE 500-A36 SDS-Max cordless breaker

The new TE 500-A36 cordless SDS-max breaker is a high-performance breaker - ideal for breaking and chipping concrete, masonry and tiling. 

The TE 500-A36 cordless breaker is designed with:

  • A brushless motor and pneumatic hammering mechanism giving you high-impact performance.
  • Advanced safety features such as Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) allowing you to work safely for longer and the option to connect a Dust Removal System (DRS-B) for virtually dust-free breaking.
  • Power reduction option enabling the tool to be more precise when it comes to fine chiseling applications. 
  • An adjustable chisel rotation feature to easily work on different surfaces.

The TE 500-A36 is perfect for:

  • Chiselling on concrete and masonry walls
  • Creating channels in concrete and masonry to install pipes and cables
  • Enlarging breaches
  • Medium-duty chipping and tile removal
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TE 500 cordless breaker

Get the most out of your tools with our market leading services

Hilti Fleet Management

Hilti Fleet Management

We manage your tools, so you can manage your business. 

With our Hilti Fleet Management service, you can benefit from free annual servicing on all your Hilti breakers. And the best part? You get a tool on loan while yours is being repaired.

In addition, all your tool costs are covered by a fixed monthly fee including theft coverage. This means no money up front* and no predictable costs in the future. 

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Hilti Tool Service

Hilti Tool service

Up to 2 years no cost and a 3-days-or FREE turnaround on repairs.

Are you worried you will experience downtime while we service your breaker? 

Don't sweat it! With our tool service, all your servicing and repair costs are covered up to two years and we will repair it and get it back to you in just 3 days.

If the tool is more than two years old and we don't manage to complete the repair in 3 days, it will be free of charge.

We’ll even pick it up at your jobsite and return it to you wherever you need it next. Just contact us by phone or book in your repair online and we’ll do the rest. 


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Hilti Connect

Hilti Connect

Hassle-free tool services to your fingertips.

Do you need to know when your breaker was last repaired? How many times has it been for a service? Or maybe you've not used this tool for a while and would benefit from a quick how-to video?

Access all the information you need easily via the Hilti Connect App.

Scan. Click. Done!

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Ultimate SDS max chisels for chiseling in concrete with the TE 500-A36

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TE-Y SKHM bushing tool

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RANGE OF CHISELS for chiseling ON BRICK AND BLOCK with the TE 300-A36

TE-CP-FM chisel


Ultimate SDS Plus (TE-C) narrow-flat chisel (polygon) for controlled chipping in concrete and masonry.

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TE-CP-SPM chisel


Ultimate SDS Plus (TE-C) wide-flat chisel (polygon) for surface chipping in concrete and masonry.

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Ultimate SDS Plus (TE-C) one-sided wide-flat chisel for high-precision surface work.

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TE-CP-SM chisel


Ultimate TE-C (SDS Plus) pointed chisel with polygon design for highest productivity in light demolition.

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