Hilti DG 130 diamond grinder for wall grinding


Our dedicated handheld grinding tools for walls and floors are perfectly adapted to your needs

At Hilti, we understand the challenges that you face when working on a project: the final product should be perfect and most importantly, delivered on time. This is why we’ve developed highly specialised tools for your professional grinding applications, designed to help you get the job done right, and on schedule.

Find the right tool for your application

Grinding concrete floors: For floor grinding, our new DGH 150 is a powerful and well-balanced tool optimised for smoothing, levelling or roughening of concrete floors, plus removal of paint and other coatings. Replacing the DG 150 Concrete Grinder, the DGH 150 offers increased performance, durability and improved ergonomics to help boost productivity while not compromising on comfort.  

Grinding and finishing walls: The DGH 130 diamond grinder is specifically designed to take the effort out of wall grinding, perfect for cleaning up formwork and preparing for paint. You no longer need to own 2 sets of tools for 1 application, you can use our new finishing pads for a scratch-free surface on exposed concrete walls, with less need for costly rework. 

Consumables: Once you have chosen your tool, make sure you select the right cup wheel. At Hilti we have a cup wheel for every need and budget. Our universal cup wheels are a fantastic choice for working with a variety of base materials. Sometimes you need that little bit of extra help to get the job done and you will find our specialised cup wheels are designed to do just that. Whether you’re removing coatings or epoxy, or want to achieve a finer finish, we have a dedicated cup wheel for the job. 

User comfort is assured when operating both grinders, thanks to their ergonomic design, brushless motors and virtually dust-free operation when hooked up to a Hilti vacuum cleaner.

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Introducing the brand new DGH 150, replacing the DG 150 dedicated handheld floor grinder, it’s lightweight, ergonomic and is easy to use. 

  • Thanks to its brushless motor, you can rely on the DGH 150 to complete the toughest of jobs. 
  • Its unmatched removal rate lets you grind up to 100% more floors per day compared to an angle grinder on all applicable materials.
  • Combined with a Hilti vacuum cleaner the adjustable dust hood enables virtually dust-free working.

Introducing the new DGH 150 Diamond Grinder

With a new powerful brushless motor, integrated dust extraction hood and improved ergonomics, the new DGH 150 takes floor grinding to the next level.



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The latest addition to our range of grinders is specifically designed to tackle concrete walls with ease. The DGH 130 helps to maximise your productivity for light grinding and finishing applications.

  • The ergonomic head grip fits like a glove and the fatigue-reducing suction effect holds the tool against the wall, allowing you to grind up to 50% more walls per day compared to an angle grinder. And it only weights 2.5 kg!
  • Use one tool for both grinding and finishing with Hilti’s innovative new finishing pads.
  • Comply with dust regulations thanks to the user-friendly vacuum connection with corner access and height adjustment.

Hilti DGH 130 Concrete Grinder... our customers love it!

Customer Testimonial: Hilti DGH 130 Concrete Grinder


With our comprehensive portfolio of cup wheels for the DGH 130, complemented by a new range of finishing pads, a superior surface quality is only two steps away.


Cupwheels for grinding concrete

Step 1 - Grinding

We offer universal diamond cup wheels for grinding concrete. Choose from SPX, SP or P cup wheels based on your performance or budget requirements. Buying multi packs will save you significant amounts of cost, so plan ahead!

  • No more reworking: special segment shaping ensures you'll have fewer scratch marks.
  • Excellent edge access: thanks to the increased segment overlay.
  • Work faster: optimised diamond distribution and advanced steel body design allows you to work faster with lower vibrations giving you maximum productivity with minimal health and safety risks.
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Finishing pads

Step 2 - Polishing

We offer finishing pads specially designed for the DGH 130, giving you a smooth surface.

  • No more scratched surfaces on your concrete walls.
  • Different grit types available, ranging from coarser for quick corrections to extra fine for preparation of exposed concrete.
  • Long-lasting quality.
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Why choose Hilti cup wheels?

Hilti cupwheels


  • Designed for speed at optimum surface quality with aggressively forward sloping segments your job will be finished quicker than ever
  • High concentration of diamonds in each cupwheel 


High lifetime

  • Our cup wheels are designed to allow you to use every last millimetre of the segment, increasing the lifetime of the insert and your productivity
  • Larger spaces for dust extraction in SPX cup wheel, reducing segment wear
  • Dust removal due to special serrated steel body shape



  • Efficient cooling via patented cooling pins at the back of the cup wheel protect the diamonds from degrading and prevent the cup wheel polishing
  • Protects diamond from thermal degradation and extends lifetime 
Hilti cupwheels


  • Improved segment welding due to serrated steel body shape, reducing the risk of segment breakage so you can work more safely
  • Laser welded segments give better well penetration and connection between the body and the segment 



  • Other cupwheels can lose internal balance with consistent use, leading to uncomfortable grinding
  • Each Hilti cup wheel is individually balanced for greater working comfort and reduced risk of tool downtime 


Compliance with dust regulations is a must, not least to protect your health. Both the DGH 130 and the DG 150 are designed to work seamlessly with Hilti vacuum cleaners, allowing you to work virtually dust-free. The vacuum hose clips into place easily and adjusting the height of the dust hood is simple. When working in tight corners, the dust hood can be rotated allowing you to work right up to the edge.

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