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Medium-duty channel system (MQ)

Medium-duty channel systems for a wide range of 3D applications

Medium-duty channel systems for a wide range of 3D applications
MQA-ST Galvanised pre-assembled pipe clamp saddle for quick connection to MQ strut channels
MQA-H Ultimate galvanised pipe clamp saddle with height adjustment function for easier levelling of mounted pipes
MQM Wing nut Galvanised wing nut for connecting modular support system components
HHK 41 T-head bolt Standard galvanised T-head bolt for connecting pipe clamps to MQ strut channels
MQZ-TW Channel washer with integrated nut
MQZ-L Galvanised bored plate for fire-tested trapeze assembly and anchoring
MQZ-U Galvanised installation washer for metric fastenings in butterfly holes
MQA-B Ultimate galvanised pipe clamp saddle – fire-tested according to ETA
MQP-U Galvanised pivoting element for bracing modular support systems with threaded rod
MQT Galvanised beam clamp for connecting MQ strut channels directly to steel beams
MQZ Galvanised channel tie to create double channels
MF-U rails Galvanised mounting rails for fastening light- and medium-duty pipe support systems
HGP threaded plate Standard galvanised threaded plate for connecting threaded elements to MQ strut channels
MQP-21-72 Galvanised channel foot for fastening MQ channels to concrete
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